3 years later

Here are some pictures of Guadalupe, Ica, Peru from June 22, 2010.  The earthquake occurred August 15, 2007.  The white USAid tents and the ruins in these pictures are where people are still living almost three years after the earthquake destroyed their homes.  I should have been shocked at the lack of progress in rebuilding the town but honestly it wasn’t a big surprise.  The tents are far from the ideal home to live in.  Temperatures go down to 50 degrees at night and in addition to the cold, the wind blowing the thick plastic (which is supported by a wooden frame) around would keep even a deep sleeper awake.


Anyone else low energy?

Anyone else want to write everything that happened to them in 2020 and then NEVER talk about it ever again? I did that the other day and it’s unprintable, like the bleeps on prime time T.V. 😂😂 below are some geese. They make me smile because they aren’t hissing at me 🤪

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