The Haiti Earthquake

My thoughts go out to all of the people suffering in Haiti. 

I, too, have been in an earthquake with my kids, my husband and his family in Ica, Peru.  It’s difficult for me to read about the tragedies coming out of Haiti.  I feel helpless – and I feel their pain.  We were so lucky to come out of our situation alive.  The house that we were in during the earthquake was a 3 story house made of concrete and adobe.  It was reduced to a one story house plus two floors of rubble after the earthquake, but we were in the concrete room which did not collapse.  Two hours before the earthquake we were at a restaurant that was swept out to sea during the disaster – so if it had happened 2 hours before it did… and if we hadn’t gone to my husband’s aunt’s house instead of directly to the hotel – our hotel collapsed completely during the earthquake.  So we escaped death from both ends of the time line.  But the family hasn’t escaped lack of food, shelter and other basic services like sewer and schooling.  With this blog I am in the beginning of what I would like to be a campaign to remember earthquake victims 2+ years after their ordeal.  Peru, China, Haiti – near or far, large or small, they will all need our assistance in rebuilding.  Visit sites like to support the wonderful people who are already helping.

Mi mas sentido pesame a la gente de Haiti.  He pasado por lo que estan pasando con la gran diferencia que pude salir y irme lejos de alli.  Pero nunca olvidare y quiero que el mundo sepa que no es facil recuperar de un terremoto – la gente de Haiti tanto como la gente de Ica todavia – necesitaran muchisima ayuda y lo peor que podamos hacer es olvidar.


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