El Templo del Sr. de Luren

These are pictures of the most important church in Ica, the Templo del Sr. de Luren.  The church was, like most buildings in Ica, destroyed in the Earthquake. 

There have been several attempts to rebuild.  A few months after the earthquake a representative from the Vatican visited the site and pledged economic help for the reconstruction of the church.  There were also Telethons and private donations but the only thing rebuilt so far has been the (capilla) where the (imagen) of (sr de luren).

In my opinion, the majority of the donated funds have never reached their intended recipient, the church, since it is hardly possible that in two and a half years so little of the church has been rebuilt.  No one knows exactly what will happen to the church in the future. 

 Esta vez te estoy enviando fotos del templo del Sr. de Luren, como tu recordaras el terremoto acabo con las ilusiones de los fieles que se encontraban en el templo ya que no podran regresar a este santuario destruido por la fueza de la naturaleza.
POcos meses despues del terremoto vino a Ica un representante del Baticano que anuncio la ayuda economica del papa para la reconstruccion del mismo, ademas se han hecho teletones y ayuda de los vecinos con donacion de ladrillos, kermes. Solo se ha construido al frente del templo destruido una capilla donde se encuentra actualmente la imagen del Sr. de Luren, a mi parecer se ha desviado toda la recaudacion de los eventos realizados porque no es posible que a estas alturas no se haya podido realizar la esperada reconstruccion. No se sabe el futuro del templo del Sr. de Luren.
Sergio D. Ascencio Garrido.


6 thoughts on “El Templo del Sr. de Luren

  1. This entire blog is a very moving and well-articulated account of a life-shattering event. I have asked my relatives to give donations to the organization that re-builds homes for people, homes that can stand up to earthquakes, rather than towards birthday and Christmas gifts for me.


  2. Hi I’m peruvian and that earthqueke was very terrible for all of us. Even now, I can remember it, being my self in the highlands that is my home far far away from Ica, we all felt it. Even in such distance, telephones and cellphones were blocked…God, it was a mess! I have a friend in Ica, he told me that you can not even stand up because the earthquake was so strong that sommited most of the people to the ground on their knees. As a curious fact, when disasters arise and it hits chapels or churchs the images representing angels, virgins or the very same Jesus get no harm or damage, nobody knows why….


      • But I wonder …why do you host a blog about an event that didn´t had nothing to do with you? Did you feel shocked about “reality”?


  3. Let me clarify – I WAS there, in Guadalupe, Peru in the middle of the earthquake. So my shock comes from personal experience. But I also have family members who are still suffering the effects of the earthquake because recovery aid is extremely slow so that is why I am blogging – to raise awareness of how slow that process often is. Thank you for asking!


    • OH! Not a nice experience at all you had in my country. But I DO apologize about the aid is being so slow… our authorities here are so corrupted! ¬¬ But remember there is people who cares and that there is always tomorrow to make things… to start things!


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