Inside book cover of The Shattered Swan

Tamara Villanueva, originally from an impoverished town in South America and now a struggling artist in Chicago, has a certain cheerful naïveté that has always helped her through rough patches.  But when she goes back to her small hometown in southern Peru, that optimism is challenged.  During a massive earthquake that she’s caught in while she’s there, she watches as someone murders her aunt. 

And when the earthquake is over and the shell-shocked town sits around the next morning not knowing exactly what to do, she cannot seem to convince anyone else that her aunt died of anything but natural causes. 

The next few months take her on an intercontinental journey of truth seeking; interviewing the people that knew her aunt best.  During that time she witnesses the toll, both physical and mental, that the earthquake has taken in ways that a newspaper article could never convey.  She needs to decide if the answers she’s looking for will lead to justice – or destroy an already devastated town further.


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