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The last time I was in Ica, Sergio – my husband’s nephew who has written some posts here – gave me a tour of his aunt’s house.  It was a pretty little two story house before the earthquake, but in 2010 only three rooms remained after the debris was cleared out: the front room, made of cement which serves as the bedroom, the middle room – a tent with the words “US Aid, from the American People” written on it, and the back room – adobe bricks – the kitchen with a small alcove bathroom attached.  The front room is supposed to be used as the the living room, but since the tent is not airtight and along the coastal desert of Peru it gets down to fifty degrees Fahrenheit at night with wind, it is impossible to sleep there.  Sergio’s aunt, my husband’s cousin, cried through the entire “tour” of her house.  It pains me deeply that in Ica, as in many other parts of the world that have suffered earthquakes and other natural disasters, these conditions continue even three, four and five years after the event occurred with not much hope of change. The bright spot for me is that today I sent off another donation to, an organization that goes in and teaches people in these regions how to build earthquake sustainable structures.  God Bless the people at BuildChange, and my fellow bloggers and Facebook fans who purchased The Shattered Swan (mystery novel) on Amazon and allowed me to donate.  

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