Saving the Toad

Yesterday while I was examining my strawberry plant after realizing that an animal had dragged the only ripe one halfway across the garden, my daughter noticed that there was a toad floating in the pond.


We thought he (or she) was dead at first because it was just floating.  But then it started moving.  Unfortunately, any animal that falls – for this is what we assume happens – into our pond will always have a hard time getting out…


And indeed, the poor thing did attempt to scramble out…


There it is at the far end.  Maybe I should move that toad house…


So naturally, I did the first thing that popped into my head.  I ran for the camera.


Then, of course, I screamed for my husband to come get the toad out with the net.  He was in a teleconference.  No help from that quarter… so I got a board and stuck it in the pond.


And the toad did what I thought he (or she) might…


There it is jumping off of the board 🙂


Looking disgruntled at me – hey, I just saved you Mr. (or Ms.) toad…


Here’s the pond at a more peaceful moment.  I hope no more animals fall into the pond this year!!!


8 thoughts on “Saving the Toad

  1. It is a good case study in human nature. Why did you run for the camera? The blog? Some looming great event? Why did you save the Toad? Aren’t we something? Capturing only to release.


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