Earthquake Anniversary

Five years ago I was in a three story home at 6:40 in the evening when an 8.1 earthquake rumbled through, reducing the home to one story and killing 500 people around me.  My family and I are alive by the grace of God, and though sometimes I feel like there’s not much I can do to be thankful and give back, I do like to support  And lately, I have found a new one, – Pisco was the epicenter of the earthquake.  If you click on previous pages, especially the Earthquake Experience pages, you can see photos of what Ica (30 miles from the epicenter) looked like on that day, and three years later.  But I’ve put a more uplifting pictures of a six day old llama at Machu Picchu that I took this June on this post to remind myself that life goes on. God Bless.Image

Here’s a Quick Way to Donate to Earthquake Charities: The Shattered Swan: – 10% to buildchange



Have you ever been in a natural disaster? Would you like to guest blog?

Ever been in a flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake? Would you like to share your experience?  I’d love to have you on as a guest blogger. Please e-mail me @


4 reasons to buy The Shattered Swan

Hi again everyone, I think the previous headline was successful – thank you 🙂  Here’s another one, what do you guys think?

And here would be what would go under it:

1. Enjoy a compelling e-book for only $0.99

2. Learn about Peru, South America

3. Feel good about helping contribute to

4. Did you hear about the earthquakes in Iran yesterday?  The Shattered Swan – relevant and fresh! or

How to donate to charity and enjoy a good book at the same time.

Hi everyone, 

I’m taking a copywriting course and trying out the tips here on my blog.  But the headline is true, if you go to and buy The Shattered Swan for only $0.99 (or if you’re feeling more generous and have a Kindle, you can get it for $2.99 at Amazon – still an awesome deal for a mystery novel featuring a female amateur sleuth) and with the proceeds I make donations to or – both excellent organizations for earthquake relief. (proof of which is on one of these blog pages.

And look for The Crumbled Pyramid, second in the series, coming more slowly than originally planned, but COMING for sure soon!!!  🙂

Feel free to make comments after reading the book, here or on the review pages of the web site of your choice.  I also welcome comments on my headline, as it would help with my class 🙂

Have a great day.