Happy Halloween

Stay safe – wear glow sticks – look both ways before crossing the street.




Hurricanes and Earthquakes

No matter what the natural disaster is, they are all devastating.  My thoughts go out to the people affected by Hurricane Sandy today.

And we can’t forget also the people of Vietnam,  Philippines and China (typhoon Son-Tihn).

Thise are pictures of The Shattered Swan off of Connecticut Avenue in Washington D.C.

pictures courtesy of Margaret Kieckhefer

Helping earthquake relief:


“Brace” yourself for a wild ride

I never had braces, but if I had, I would have liked to have them these days.  You can change the colors every time you go in – how about orange and purple for Halloween!!  🙂


The Shattered Swan’s journey – all kinds of great places!  Read and support earthquake relief organizations:


Don’t “leaf” it for the last minute

I was afraid that because of the drought, we wouldn’t have great quality colors on the leaves this Fall, but the trees are lovely this year.



Llamas at Machu Picchu Day 14







This six day old llama and her cousin are grazers at Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Peru.  The buildings at this Inca site were built to withstand earthquakes – with the trapezoid shaped entrances and windows.  The stones were cut so expertly that even though there is no mortar between them, they have lasted since the 15th century.


Disclaimer: The Shattered Swan is obviously Photoshopped, but both pictures were taken by me.


Test and Invitation Y’all

The awesome Ms. Cooper took this picture of The Shattered Swan.  When you get your copy (paperback or Kindle), please take a picture in some creative spot and I’ll add it to Fabulous Adventures (e-mail it to me @ krystianastacykelly@yahoo.com).  I wouldn’t mind a review on Amazon too!!  Thanks y’all!!



picture courtesy of Nicole Cooper, October 2012