Supporting a good cause

Last week I was reading through the Freshly Pressed and came across a story about #GirlWithaBook.  They are collecting pictures of people (not just girls) reading books which they will compile and send to Malala, the girl that was shot by the Taliban.  It’s a wonderful cause, and since I am also trying to raise funds for a good cause I support them 100%.   Here’s a picture of me with my ESL class (I teach at a local community college) and a link to girlwithabook’s Facebook page in case you’re interested in checking them out.  You also can send in a picture before November 13.

I send money to BuildChange for earthquake relief.  Natural disasters like the hurricane that just hit the Eastern U.S. are horrible experiences to have to deal with and so much worse if you live there.  I was lucky not to live in the area of the 8.1 earthquake that I survived.  My way of dealing with the trauma was to write.  And it’s through my writing that I hope to donate as much as possible.  So if you are interested, check out The Shattered Swan (click below) and spread the word!


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