Writing to make a difference

I wish I were a famous author.  And you say, “Of course you do.  Don’t we all?”  True.

I love to write mysteries.  The one complete one so far was written as a direct response to the earthquake I went through.  Natural disasters cause unbelievable suffering.  But the aftermath can be worse for the survivors.  I was so lucky to be able to leave Ica.  The people there are still suffering.  I know this because I have been back a few times since August 15, 2007.  Not only are schools and homes not yet rebuilt, but tremors continue to rock the area.  People live with their PTSD in strength and sometimes humor but it haunts their dreams.  Besides my fiction, I  have also compiled a non-fiction book filled with stories from earthquake survivors.  Their accounts are horrific and their bravery unmatched.

Every natural disaster that has occurred since 2007 has brought my own memories back into the forefront of my mind: Haiti, Chile, Japan – and hurricane Sandy.  I wish all the survivors  immediate security and freedom from nightmares, and for those who didn’t make it, peace.  My book, The Shattered Swan, has helped raise funds for buildchange.org and Happyheartsfund.org, but there is so much more that can be done.  My wish is that people read and enjoy The Shattered Swan (and my 2 others that are coming out soon) while knowing that I will always donate some proceeds towards my cause.

Have a great day.



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