A picture worth over 60,000 words…

This picture was worth over 60,000 words to me.  It’s a picture of one of the countless buildings that were destroyed in the earthquake in Guadalupe, Peru on August 15, 2007.  The house I was in had been 3 stories but the top two came crashing down onto the house next door.  Thank God they didn’t crash down onto the first floor!!!  No one in either house was killed, but over 500 people died around us.

I chose to make this picture the cover of my book, The Shattered Swan, because my knee jerk reaction of writing to relieve the stress of having been through an 8.1 earthquake and survived became a novel which is intended to help buildchange.org and happyheartsfund.org – two very deserving earthquake relief organizations.

God Bless anyone who has suffered or is suffering through a natural disaster!





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