Change through blogging

The change that I would like to make by blogging is admittedly a little roundabout.  I am using short, hopefully amusing, play on words, anecdotes and pictures of my book going on a “book tour”.  The thing about my book is that I wrote it partly because I love mysteries and partly as an expanded – and fictional – version of what happened to me (no murders in the real earthquake) in 2007.  We all know the tremendous impact of strong natural disasters.  Organizations like Build Change are in affected areas even years after the earthquakes hit to help people rebuild.  What I like about Build Change is that they teach the local people the skills that they need to help themselves.  I saw firsthand the almost negative affect that giving cash freely to the survivors did.  What they need is the strength and dignity of helping themselves.  I’ve given a few times to Build Change thanks to the sale of my book – but I could do so much more… 10% goes to them now from each sale of The Shattered Swan.  I will always publish pictures like these on this blog to keep the faith.  My experience was real and my desire to help is too.


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