Fun Facts about Peru

* Their cuisine is delicious and may one day be as internationally recognizable as Chinese and Italian

El Señor de Sipán is a mummy found in Peru completely intact and untouched with clothing and jewelry of gold, silver, copper and precious stones

* The surfing off the coast of Lima is excellent (no sharks as my daughter would be happy to say)

* The country is divided into three north/south strips: the coast (desert), the middle (mountains) and the eastern border with Brazil (jungle) – the three regions combined contain 28 of the world’s 32 climates.

* The Peruvian hairless dog is a great reliever of arthritis.  Just hug a dog!  It’s body temperature may be the same as other dogs, but it feels hotter because it has no hair 🙂

* In the 1990’s two terrorist groups made it difficult and dangerous to travel to Peru, but today the economy is thriving and it is very safe

* Pardo’s Chicken, a rotisserie chicken restaurant chain, has the best sauce in the world! 🙂

* Machu Picchu is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World

* The best known ancient people of the area, commonly referred to as the Incas, are actually called the Quechua people.  The Inca was the name of their king(s).

* Lima in winter can reach almost 100% humidity even though it’s located in the desert.

Have a great day!


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