The urge to run


I don’t know if it’s just me paying more attention lately but it seems that that natural disasters are not only becoming more frequent, they are more destructive.  Hurricane Sandy hit disastrously and tragically  in November, and then there’s Typhoon Bopha which hit the Philippines killing hundreds and may hit them again.  As a survivor of a major disaster (8.1 earthquake, 20 miles from epicenter, house collapsed, lucky and blessed to be here) I have a compelling urge to run away from these things…  even though I’m nowhere near them.  I should stop reading the news…

My thoughts go out to the people who will be doing various sorts of rebuilding in the new year.  I know it’s not much and I know I’m no New York Times bestselling author (yet :-)), but I do donate to earthquake disaster relief with your simple click (and click again at Amazon).

Have a great evening!

In a disaster do you run or stay


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