Wrap It Up

Top ten reasons to hate and love 2012:

1. My daughter got diagnosed with Colitis.  She’s 11.

2. I started the year off with a bad case of food poisoning which segued into bronchitis.

3. The Midwest seems to be drying up – little rain or snow this year…

4. My mother-in-law was very sick and doesn’t remember our visit to Peru.

5. That same daughter went to State in swimming and finished 10th in the 100 breaststroke.

6. My other daughter came in second in a triathlon.

7. I met and am still in touch with some very, very awesome students.

8. Our trip to Peru with 14 good friends and family to visit Machu Picchu was action packed, adventurous, educational and fulfilling.

9. The same trip to Machu Picchu found my daughter in a clinic high in the mountains with 80% oxygen and a misdiagnosis of Typhoid Fever (it was Colitis).  Scary and Humorous at the same time.

10. I finished my second mystery novel: The Crumbled Pyramid

Goodbye to 2012!  You were a year of more extremes than I’m used to, so  I’ll never forget you.  I am glad you’re going, but I learned a lot and the positives were all that much sharper and fuller because of the negatives.

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