Help, I need a title!

Good Morning bloggers!  I’m at work putting together and editing all of the stories that I have collected from earthquake survivors.  I’m going to go the self published way again with this book too.  But I need a title.  So I thought, why not do a contest of sorts?  If you can think of a good title for me, I’ll send you copies of The Shattered Swan and The Crumbled Pyramid to read for free!  I’ll also put a thank you with your name in the new book.  🙂

Just so you have an idea, the collection is from people who have survived earthquakes.  I have many from the one in Peru, but I also have stories from earthquake survivors in Turkey and Pakistan.  They talk about what happened during the earthquake, but they also relate their feelings and experiences after the disaster.  

Title idea anyone?  e-mail me:

Thank you and have a great day!!


What’s in a name?

To quote badly from Shakespeare… 🙂

My name is Cristina so why did I choose to go by Krystiana Stacy Kelly?  If you Google Cristina + my last name, about 20 other people come up.  But Krystiana Stacy Kelly is all me so far.  It’s all about standing out in the 21st century world where everyone has something to contribute.

It’s a new year and time to reflect on what to do to make life friendlier.  If you’ve got ideas and would like to guest blog, please send me an e-mail  I’d love to hear from you about: mysteries, donating to your favorite organizations or your experiences as an indie author.

Have a great day!