Not Taking Myself Too Seriously…

Ode to the self-published writer

Well, probably not an ode, per se…


Writing on impulse

Dramatic events of life

Make it a book

You say

Why, that makes perfect sense.


Sending off letters

Unnatural optimism

It’ll be OK

You say

Why, everyone will love it.


Rejection in droves

Darkness, then research

Innovation and hope are good

You say

Why, what else but to keep on going


Moderate sales

Good reviews

Excellent advice

You say

Why, I’m so sick of advice


Web sites and blogs

Tweets and surfing

New ideas and zombies

You say

Why, what a great idea


Writing in an office

Taking oneself seriously

Bad idea

You say

Why, if you can’t laugh at yourself, what else is there?


Keep dreaming!

By Cristina Matta

May 21, 2013


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