Game change, Name change – watch out, you might lose your lunch!

Hello all,

I’ve decided to change my blog’s profile name from my intended pen name to my real name, since I’ll be using Cristina if my new manuscript becomes a book (cross your fingers for me!!!!!)

I just got back from another trip to Peru – no earthquakes this time thank goodness! What was new, you might ask? Well, an attack of tiny gnats that put me in a wheelchair at the Miami airport on the way home (extreme allergic reaction), and a trip up the Andean foothills that might have me converted into a vegetarian. 🙂

Warning: if you are actually a vegetarian, or you have small animals as pets, you probably want to stop here.

I watched my family eat cuy (guinea pig), a typical food of the highlands. They are high in protein and low in fat (low in meat also I would guess…) I couldn’t bring myself to eat it – would you?

If you’re up for it, here’s a link to the guinea pig festivals in Peru, and below, a picture of my family’s meal: