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I am blogging because I would like to generate more interest in earthquake survivors after the media has gone away and the situation is still bad.  Case in point: Ica, Peru.  I was there when the town was hit by an earthquake on August 15th, 2007.  I was lucky enough to get out (I live in the United States) but the people who live there still need lots of help in the reconstruction process.  This blog is a collaboration between me and a 12 year old nephew who still lives in Ica.  He sends me information and pictures and I translate into English and post the pictures, along with his original words.  I’ll be adding information about them on my blog periodically.  There is a great organization: www.buildchange.org who helps areas hit by earthquakes to rebuild.  Check them out.  Eventually I’m hoping that they might have the resources to go to Peru.


10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You make a great point in that we think of these events only when they are fresh in the news, but tend to forget the reconstruction and rebuilding is a lengthy process. Great that you have a passion and a mission for this, and combining your writing to fit this cause. Also an interesting idea to personalize the situation with translations from a child’s perspective.


  2. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Your cause for this blog is very good, keep it going!!! It’s very true how we forget these disasters after they get broadcasted on the news.

    Hope your message comes across to many others across the world.



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